Welcome to your

…tailored dreams, tailored events, tailored memories.

Welcome to the North of Scotland’s premier Social Event Management group, specializing in bespoke personalised adventures and events. We create and inspire Stag-dos and Doe-dos (hen-dos), and we design and organise birthdays, reunions, weddings, anniversaries and anything else you can think of where you can throw a cold sausage roll at it and call it a buffet!

Welcome to fun, fierce frills, frikn’ fantastically funny frenzied feelings…and other such things beginning with”F”.

Have you been given the “honour” of organising your best pal’s final big send off before they take the one-way ticket to Marriage Town? Have you sworn over a late drunken phone call that you will give your BFF a pre-wedding event to end all pre-wedding events? Have you been “democratically elected” to organise the university reunion, 40th birthday bash, head-wetting, barmtizva? Have you set out with vigour and unadulterated ambition, but having chucked a few words into Google have only come up with go-karting in Newcastle, paintballing in Milton Keynes and a nightclub in Stoke?

Stag do
Stag dos and events
Stag dos and Doe dos

Stay calm…breathe…you are in a garden…there are beautiful flowers around you…and you are warm.

Where in the world can you discover a whisky trail, climb Britain’s tallest mountain, bed-down in a castle, white water raft, island hop, swim with monsters, kayak canals, ski, be luxuriously pampered, dance until the morning, sing, laugh…and all in one weekend?

No, my huckleberry friend, you are not in Heaven…you are in the North of Scotland and no, my petite kumquat, we are not angels…

…we are the Stag and Doe Company.

Dry those tears, let me take you by the hand…follow me. The Stag and Doe Company will take care of everything!


Whisky and Meat. Need I say more? If that first point hasn’t thrown you across the living room floor scrambling for the phone, then click here to check out all we can offer the almighty Stag Do.

Choose from our range of activities set in beautiful locations, unrivalled and unmatched anywhere in the world. We offer luxury, exclusive deals and adventure, a personal service and…em…whisky and meat!  View More


No longer are you referred to as “Hens” the female chicken, arguably the dullest, but to be fair the tastiest, bird. No…you are now beautiful majestic free spirits of the glens…you are deers…female deers…does.

We offer the “Doe-do” an amazing choice of bespoke adventure and exclusive activities…just for you!  Click here to find out all that we can offer…luxury, beauty, tranquillity and just that certain mix of crazy!  View More


Click here to check out our professional event management services. Qualified, expert and personable, we can cater for all events, taking care of every single aspect…so you don’t have to!

We do weddings, birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, life celebrations, naming ceremonies…yep…pretty much anything. We love doing it, being different, unique and down right superb! View More